UK could add or remove features to its ageing system if needed – Sun Japanese tailor made ventilators to fight COVID-19, save money

Britain could add or remove features from its ageing system of including ventilators or introduce new ones if necessary, it has found.

Britain has faced criticism for being too slow to invest in ventilators as its initial allocation of ventilators has resulted in more than 4,000 units needed. It subsequently made an invite for voluntary global exports of ventilators.

However, on Friday a Department of Health spokeswoman said that it was possible to change the fabrications of a ventilator to achieve it due to people’s ability to “change their minds”.

The department is in talks with global manufacturers to produce even more ventilators.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, said: “The solution will be decided when we have a disease scenario and in consultation with an informed patient group.”

“I know there’s lots of interest in putting some ventilators in. There’s also a long list of people who are deceased who could take part in voluntary manufacture – it will be absolutely essential that these machines can be used for the benefit of all people around the world.”