Stroke rate slows down in rural areas

GAD patients also need to understand the importance of being aware of the signs and symptoms of their condition how to. Tips to be aware of: Eye fatigueSymptoms One should find it easy to make the right diagnosis by defining whats going on in the eyes and using a process called visual analog scale which works much like a scale of 1-10. In regards to vision its important to see for yourself Bhidew says. One should submit with a written report for any emergency cases to a special clinic Symptoms should include loss of peripheral vision problems seeing objects in the distant part of the eye difficulty recalling simple visual descriptions andor focusing. Eyewitness testimony is crucialAlmost one in every five people ages 45 to 65 have suffered a stroke probably due to a preventable cause. Most of these strokes are caused by ossifying the arteries which is when too much calcium moves past the walls of the blood vessels.

The results of this study are highly relevant in the age-related macular degeneration the authors wrote. Follow-up studies are ongoing and they report that the visual component in such patients will require continued attention. Other risk factors for GAD include alcohol diabetes nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and peripheral artery disease.

While there are still treatments to benefit patients physicians need to understand the need for pharmacological strategies.