Money Management in Health Economics, Outcomes Research

The SOFA Health Economics Research Award was awarded today to Valizia, a CAIA-studied which is based at UCLA, to highlight its importance in evangelizing and underwriting the use of health care in the field of health economics.

“The SOFA Health Economics Research Award demonstrates UCLA’s leadership and dedication to public health economics,” said Eileen J. Heiman, president of UCLA Health Economics Research Institute, who presented the award. “It is a recognition of UCLA’s expertise in this field.”

“The SOFA Health Economics Research Award celebrates Dr. Heiman’s enormous commitment to the field of health economics in the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health.”

More than 7,000 researchers from 30 countries around the globe from more than 35 academic institutions are eligible for the award, funded through the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health.

To date, they have published innovative science-based studies, including two that were recently published in Science Translational Medicine and are now in the forefront of health economics tackling clinical care settings.

Since 2012, the SOFA Health Economics Research Award has supported more than 600 $100,000-plus in scholarships for whomever or what randomizes, such as engineers, cancer researchers, dietitians and social workers, who are asked to design innovative approaches for implementing health care systems in orphan and fragile developmental settings.

So far, the awardees have won $140,000 and $220,000 in support of work for the SOFA Cancer Research Initiative, the SOFA Penn Researcher Scholars Program and the SOFA International AIDS Research Public Policy Research Fellowship, in support of the launch of the SOFA Health Economics Research Award program two years ago.

The awardees today acknowledge the SOFA Institute, which represents the 5,000-strong international community of health economics researchers who love, nurture and amplify experts around the world.

Three awardees who showcase their talent today included linguist and data scientist Emily Tafosi of the University of Toronto’s U of A.

Her paper “On GitHub: Extension-driven streams of Aamer Khan Past the work deadline: a case study of a social charity deployed in Uganda with dignity in Uganda” was recently selected as an article in American Behavioral Medicine.