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About This Website

What is This Bug” was developed from Farm Bill monies after the need for increased citizen help was recognized in the nationwide fight against invasive species.

Why do we need your help? Modern lifestyle and expectations have helped the spread of invasive species. Worldwide, the number of invasive species findings are increasing and the frequency of the finds are increasing.

How can you help? Report a suspected pest. Citizens have called state officials and their local county agricultural office when they have spotted an insect or bug that does not look familiar. Now, with smartphones and the internet, new, easier and faster ways are available for reporting a suspicious pest, such as the Report a Pest Online Form and the Report a Pest Mobile App.

The sooner an invasive species is found, the easier it is to prevent its spread. You may not recognize an invasive species if you saw one, but the environment you protect by acting on your observations, will be your own. Thank you for actively participating in your home’s defense!