1 in 10 adults have mental health issues breakdown overall data

According to HRB founder Dr Kieran OConnor Ireland is in the midst of this major transformation in which we are re-embracing the importance of mental health and in which mental well-being is of critical importance for all sections of society 2. He presented the figures at the annual programming symposium of Mental Health Ireland which is taking place on June 5Dr OConnor reminded attendees that Ireland was 15 years behind many other countries in terms of legislative federal and local government. That includes the 2015 Strategic Plan for Health which included funding for mental health along with cameras tracking Select Health Boards across the country and grants for remote health services and K-4 to GPs.

According to HRB the additional use of electronic records in good faith offers an added level of data to improve health and wellbeing. However it indicated that 94 of this data would have been available to HRB by this date if data systems had been 100 completed which is the aim of HRB.

More than one-third of adults in Ireland have some mental health issues including an average of one in 10 with an acute mental health problem or suspected mental health problem the latest figures from the Health Research Board have found.