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Hungry Pests

Outsmart Invasive Species Project

If you have a smartphone or a digital camera, the power to protect the natural heritage of Massachusetts is already in your hands. Join the Outsmart Invasive Species Project to help stop the spread of non-native plants and insects that threaten our environment. (2:58)

Outsmart Invasive Species Project

The Gypsy Moth Sees Your Future

Looking deep into a crystal ball, the gypsy moth sees you might have emerald ash borer, thousand cankers disease, or Asian longhorned beetle in your future. But do not despair! Grab a hold of your destiny by buying firewood where you'll burn it, and telling your friends not to move firewood long distances when they go camping, fishing, hunting or traveling. (2:27)

This video was made by Don't Move Firewood with partial funding from USDA- APHIS.

Bug Harmony

Meet two bugs that found true love through some common interests: destroying forests, trees and hitchhiking on the firewood you transport when you go camping. (1:03)

Don't Move Firewood

Don't Pack a Pest

Bringing vegetables and plants from foreign locations can sometimes mean bringing in foreign and invasive pests that can threaten our natural environment. (0:35)

Hungry Pests | USDA

Don't Pack a Pest | Part II

When traveling, remember all the tastes of America that you will come back to. Leave behind products that could contain insects and diseases. Don't pack a pest. (0:34)

Hungry Pests | USDA

Making Invasive Species Work For Us

What happens when a nefarious bug threatens valuable California citrus crops? Unleash a swarm of foreign parasitic wasps to kick the little bug's butt! Trace explains how this is gonna work, and tells stories of what other invasive species are up to around the world. (2:45)

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