Throughout the state — there's something on the menu for everyone! It's our responsibility to give the next generation a chance to treasure them, too. Prevent the introduction and spread of harmful pests and diseases into your environment.

Savor California

A montage of awesome images of California -- where a feast for the senses awaits those who visit. Throughout California -- there's something on the menu for everyone! (5:08)

California Tourism | California Commssion for Jobs and Economic Growth | California Grown

Ag In The Classroom

Promotion video for the El Dorado County Ag In The Classroom Program. This program focuses on Hands-On Agriculture Education for primary school students and teachers. (7:02)

Super Rangers and the Legion of Bugs

The Legion of Bugs plot to infiltrate America's forests when people move firewood. The Super Park Rangers come to the rescue when they interrupt the Legion of Bug's evil plan, fight off the invasive insects and diseases before they can infest the trees, and educate a local firewood cutter on the importance of not moving firewood.

Featured Legion of Bugs members include the Asian longhorned beetle, sirex woodwasp, emerald ash borer, goldspotted oak borer, ambrosia beetle, and sudden oak death. (4:44)

This video was made by Don't Move Firewood with partial funding from USDA- APHIS and assistance from the USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station.

Killer Bugs Serving Time for Trees

Destroying entire forests, killing trees, and creating a nuisance? A petty criminal meets up with two killer bugs in jail, and discusses their crimes against nature. Pondering the ramifications to their nasty crime sprees if nobody moves firewood, the bugs agree their dastardly deeds would be thwarted if everyone bought firewood near where they burned it. (4:32)

This video was made by Don't Move Firewood with partial funding from USDA- APHIS. Special thanks to Purdue University for the generous loan of their emerald ash borer costume.

Buy It Where You Burn It

Protecting California's Forests from Invasive Species. (7:24)

Presentation by Matthew J. Bokach, U.S. Forest Service, Forest Health Protection.

Firewood: Buy It Where You Burn It

Help stop the spread of invasive pests & diseases by not transporting firewood from one region to another. Buy it where you burn it.

For more information visit: (0:33)

California Firewood Task Force