Rapid FDALegalizationAmended Safe LidocaineActively Treats Pain

Sacramento, CA – In response to a request for guidelines from a broad coalition of 10 clinical practitioners and six case workers, the American Physician Association (APA) today published the first catalog of the latest clinical practice in the field of pain medicine.

The data was a retrospective review of 11 randomized clinical trials of 11 at-risk population-based randomised controlled trials (RCTs) including 66% of 15 different types of pain medicine. The RCT data were then converted to patterns that reported baseline conditions, prior clinical practice of patients, medical comorbidities, pain-induced analgesia, treatment route, dosage, and safety.

The findings revealed the full range of relevant and clinically important clinical trends. The APA mission statement states:

“The goal is assisting pain medicine rehabilitation physicians through the development of evidence-informed recommendations and recommendations for effective pain rehabilitation. ”