Kudzu Bug


Megacopta cribraria, also called the bean plataspid, kudzu bug, kudzu beetle, globular stink bug or lablab bug, is a shield bug native to India and China, where it is an agricultural pest of lablab beans and other legumes.

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  • Image of the Kudzu Bug (Photo Source: Clemson University)
    Kudzu Bugs Around Homes

    The kudzu bug, scientifically known as Megacopta cribraria, is a new pest in South Carolina. It is not a beetle, as many people think, but is more closely related to stink bugs. It has also been called a bean plataspid due to its insect family name: Plataspidae. Kudzu bugs were first detected in northeastern Georgia during October 2009. They are now spread throughout Georgia, South Carolina, and other southern states. Source: Clemson University

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  • Image of the Kudzu Bug (Photo Source: Clemson University)
    Kudzu Bug on the Move and Becoming Nuisance!

    Cooler temperatures signal emergence of kudzu bug adults from their preferred plant hosts in search of sites to spend the winter months. Unfortunately, this is often inside of houses! North Carolina homeowners are reporting high numbers on homes this week. Their more southern neighbors might expect the same within a matter of days or weeks as temperatures cool and host plants senesce. Source: kudzubug.org

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  • In addition to feeding on kudzu vines, the bugs congregate on houses, which they mistake for trees. ALEJANDRO DEL POZO VALDIVA — N.C. STATE
    Kudzu bugs may be expanding north and west after developing taste for soybeans

    RALEIGH, April 19, 2013 — Researchers at N.C. State University have determined that young kudzu bugs don’t have to eat kudzu to survive – which means they could pose a bigger threat to soybeans crops across the country than previously thought. Source: newsobserver.com

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  • Kudzu bugs on Wisteria. (Photo - G. Kirby, Kirby Pest Control, Supply NC)
    Kudzu Bug - A Nuisance and Agricultural Pest

    Insect Note - ENT/rsc-#37. In 2009, the kudzu bug, Megacopta cribraria (F.), also known by many names including bean plataspid, lablab bug, and globular stink bug, was reported in nine counties in northeastern Georgia. The following year, the insect had been found in over 60 counties in Georgia and in Macon County, NC. Source: Michael Waldvogel and Patricia Alder, Entomology Extension

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